RMIT offers tech facilities for use by mining partners

RMIT University and Amira Global have teamed up to allow mining companies to use the university’s test facilities to develop innovation and technology solutions for the resources sector.

Under the agreement, Amira Global members will have access to RMIT’s test labs on a case-by-case basis to accelerate research and development.

This will give mining companies a space away from on-site disruptions to test and implement technology to improve their mine’s performance.

Amira Global chief executive officer Jacqui Coombes said the company was extremely fortunate to welcome RMIT as the first university in the Amira CoLabs program.

“We welcome (RMIT’s) contribution to fast-tracking the best solutions possible into industry,” Coombes said.

“Amira Global’s CoLabs program connects a network of test facilities around the world.

“Without facilities such as those offered by RMIT, the implementation of technology that could improve the economic, social and environmental performance of the resources sector is severely impaired.”

Collaboration with industry is a key focus for RMIT University, as explained by RMIT deputy vice-chancellor research and innovation and vice-president Calum Drummond.

“Industry is embedded in everything we do and a key way that we’re supporting Australia’s economic recovery,” Drummond said.

“Mining companies will find a range of relevant research capability at RMIT, backed by world-class facilities and expertise.

“Some of these areas include circular economy and sustainability expertise, environmental custodianship, resource processing technology, materials engineering, advanced manufacturing, Industry 4.0, geospatial science and social policy.”

RMIT has already assisted other mining industry partners with its technology including prototyping and repairs of metal parts in mining using 3D printers.

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