Rio Tinto doubles down on net zero target with Japan


Rio Tinto has intensified its efforts to decarbonise by 2050 by joining Japan’s Green Value Chain (GVC) Platform Network to achieve scope one, two and three emissions reductions targets.

The GVC Network was formed in 2018 by Japan’s Ministry of Environment and has now reached 141 members from an array of industries such as electronics, food and beverage, and building and construction.

The network members plan to work together in sharing solutions related to renewable energy conservation in an economically feasible and effective manner.

Rio Tinto Japan president Bill Horie said the commitment to the GVC Network by Rio Tinto was an important step for everyone involved in the supply chain to Japan.

“We are honoured to be welcomed into the Ministry of Environment’s GVC Network and look forward to engaging on innovative approaches with customers, government and industry to help reduce Japan’s carbon footprint,” Horie said.

Rio’s engagement with the GVC Network is environmentally significant because the company is Japan’s largest supplier of iron ore, shipping more than 1.9 billion tonnes over the last 50 years.

Rio also ships aluminium, copper, molybdenum, diamonds and industrial minerals to more than 250 Japanese customers.

The partnership with the GVC Network also aligns with Rio Tinto’s innovative START Responsible Aluminium solution.

The technology provides end users with added transparency on the aluminium they buy from Rio Tinto.

They are able put a label on the product containing information on water management, renewable energy, recycled content, waste management, safety performance and contribution to communities.

Using the GVC Network and solutions like START, Rio Tinto is on its way to a carbon neutral business by 2050.

Rio Tinto has five bauxite mines around the world, one of which is the Gove operations in the Northern Territory which produces 12.3 million tonnes per annum while supporting more than 300 jobs

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