Rinehart wins recognition again

Gina Rinehart has won another treasured award over the weekend.

The Hancock Prospecting chairman was honoured with a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Chamber of Minerals and Energy of WA.

Rinehart won the award for her involvement in the mining sector over the years, including the Hope Downs developments, and the $10 billion Roy Hill project which came online last year.

Rinehart said she was delighted with the recognition, and that it was particularly special coming from her home state of Western Australia.

“At this time when the mining industry is struggling with significantly lower commodity prices and the need to improve productivity and lower costs, it is a difficult time for our important industry,” she said.

“Despite these difficult times, we need to ensure that we have visible symbols of success so that the next generation of female students can see a pathway to the top in the mining industry and this is where the CME plays a valuable role in celebrating the success of our industry’s female leaders and making sure that their success is visible.”

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