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Revolutionising iron ore processing

In the dynamic world of mining, Derrick Corporation has become synonymous with innovation.

With a legacy rooted in Australian iron ore processing since the 1950s, Derrick Corporation continues to reshape the industry with cutting-edge solutions.

At the forefront of its offerings is the SuperStack technology, a major advancement that has helped redefine the way iron ore beneficiation plants operate.

Derrick Corporation’s trajectory through the annals of iron ore processing has seen the company consistently grow its offerings to stay ahead of the ever-evolving mining landscape.

Today, its contributions resonate louder than ever as it introduces its SuperStack technology, a vibratory screening machine armed with front-to-back screen panels that provides unparalleled screening capacity, efficiency, and user-friendliness.

“This innovative approach challenges conventional methods of classification, ushering in a new era of efficiency, sustainability and optimised resource utilisation in iron ore processing,” Derrick Australia general manager Garth Hay told Australian Mining.

The SuperStack technology offers a host of advantages, and one of its most significant is its enhanced efficiency.

Unlike traditional classification systems, which can struggle with inefficiencies and sub-optimal outcomes, SuperStack provides a more precise and efficient classification process.

The front-to-back screen panels ensure a thorough separation of particles, leading to higher-quality end products that meet stringent industry standards.

Derrick Corporation has been at the forefront of iron ore processing since the 1950s.

“The SuperStack technology is more than just a technical solution,” Hay said. “It is a statement of commitment to the environment.

“Sustainability has emerged as a central theme in the mining industry and SuperStack is designed to align perfectly with this ethos. Its environmentally conscious design underscores Derrick Corporation’s dedication to responsible and eco-friendly mining practices.”

A key feature of SuperStack is its ability to optimise resource utilisation. By reducing the generation of ultrafines in grinding circuits, the technology not only enhances the quality of the final product but also minimises wastage.

This reduction translates to tangible cost savings and increased operational efficiency, making SuperStack a crucial tool for iron ore processors aiming to maximise their bottom line while minimising their environmental footprint.

“To understand the real-world impact of SuperStack, one need only look at the success story of ArcelorMittal Nippon Steel (AM/NS India),” Derrick India general manager Amit Jain said.

Like many players in the industry, AM/NS India faced the challenge of increasing plant capacity without compromising product quality. Traditional classification systems fell short, jeopardising pellet quality and the integrity of critical infrastructure like slurry pipelines.

“In the face of these challenges, AM/NS India turned to Derrick for a solution,” Jain said.

“Our SuperStack technology stood as the answer to AM/NS India’s pressing needs. Notably, this solution promised an environmentally conscious approach, aligning seamlessly with AM/NS India’s commitment to sustainable practices.

“Through a comprehensive series of laboratory tests and third-party validation, we demonstrated the exceptional capabilities of their technology.

“Derrick’s wealth of experience in closed grinding circuits and pipeline protection applications added further value to the proposition.”

With the installation of SuperStack machines, the plant saw a 15 per cent increase in mill capacity. Pellet quality soared and the integrity of Asia’s longest continuous slurry pipeline was fortified, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

But Derrick Corporation’s contributions extend beyond its SuperStack technology.

“Our iron ore product offerings have consistently elevated the industry’s standards,” Hay said.

“As mining evolves and challenges become more complex, Derrick’s commitment to innovation ensures that our products will continue to shape the future of iron ore processing.”

Derrick Corporation’s legacy is etched in the fabric of iron ore processing. Its journey from the 1950s to the present day has been marked by innovation and unwavering commitment to progress.

The introduction of the SuperStack technology is a testament to its dedication to redefining industry norms and providing solutions that not only enhance operational efficiency but contribute to a more sustainable and responsible mining future.

With SuperStack leading the way, Derrick Corporation continues to be a driving force in revolutionising iron ore processing on a global scale and a reliable partner to responsibly maximise resource efficiency for a greener world.

This feature appeared in the October 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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