Tailings and residue management with Sefar solutions

tailings management

Sefar's tailings filtration products are essential as industry tailings management standards tighten.

Sefar’s filtration solutions have continued to allow mining and metals companies the ability to stay on top of their tailings management plans.

The recent release of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management (GISTM) highlighted the environmental and economic need for decisive tailings management plans

An effective plan can secure traditional tailings dams and manage disposal of tailings in residue lakes and confinements, while a lack of one can lead to catastrophic failures for mineral companies.

The use of filters, like plate and frame filter presses, are the most efficient method of dewatering tailings and reducing the environmental footprint.

Through Sefar customised fabrics, specifically developed to meet the customers tailings processing needs, mineral companies can achieve improvements of production yields whilst also achieving a reduction of their total cost of ownership.

Sefar’s customised fabrics are able to separate liquid/liquor from red mud and other residue  to produce a dry, stackable cake with minimal moisture levels and high solid contents.

The company’s filtration cloths are designed for very high performance in filtration capacity, cake dryness, rate of filtrate recovery, cake release and the potential for dry stacking of the filtered tailings cake, thereby minimising both risk and cost.

Sefar is able to provide its customers with integrated, application and equipment-specific solutions, including process testing and analysis of cloths to optimise the overall performance of the process.

It achieves this by conducting a comprehensive study of each customers’ goals and KPIs and selecting the ideal fabric to meet its customers’ requirements.

This results in increased site efficiencies, a reduction of total cost of ownership and a reduction of the environmental footprint at the same time.

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