Rockwell PowerFlex drives throughput, quality and uptime


Medium voltage applications in mining like pumps, compressors and fans demand simple connected and easy to use drives, whereas applications like conveyors, material handling and other high demand applications need efficient and integrated high-power performance.

Rockwell’s medium voltage AC Drives – the PowerFlex 6000 & 7000 – can assist with your mining application requirements.

When investing in variable frequency drives (VFDs) for medium voltage motors, it is important that the VFDs not only match the application requirements but help to increase throughput, improve quality and reduce downtime.

PowerFlex medium voltage AC Drives offer:

  • Excellent tracking – drives follow speed or torque commands very closely.
  • Regeneration capability – helps reduce energy consumption.
  • Adaptive control features – help isolate potentially harmful vibration and automatically compensate for variances to help keep your application running.
  • Inbuilt predictive analytics – improves performance in real-time.
  • Arc shield technology – helps drive systems meet safety standards with an effective design


Download the whitepaper below to read more:

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