Slimline design – high coding level

New and available from Control Logic is the ‘AZM150’ Solenoid Interlock by Schmersal.

Characterised by its slimline design and 1500 newton interlocking force, the range features a total of 8 different actuator approach options and 3 different actuator types (straight, angled, and flexible) allowing for highly versatile installation.

The rotating actuator head is user changeable and utilises a boltless locking design.

Typical of all Schmersal products, the AZM150 solenoid interlock is designed to high safety standards. The interlock comes with a low coding level as standard but is also available with an optional high coding level.

The benefit for users: In accordance with ISO 14119, a higher coding requires fewer measures to prevent the bypassing of locking mechanisms, such as fitting out of range or in a concealed position.

Schmersal is the only manufacturer which can offer electromechanical safety switches and solenoid interlocks with high coding levels.

The slimline polyamide thermoplastic enclosure is impact resistant and comes with an IP rating of 65/67. Its space-saving design makes the AZM150 especially suited to small machines.

The interlock can also be installed onto 40 mm groove profiles using a mounting plate. In addition, there is an option to fit an emergency exit release or emergency unlock.

The solenoid interlock is available in “power to lock” and “power to unlock” variants. There is also an optional lockout tag for up to six padlocks.

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