New sensorless stand still monitor

Available now from Control Logic, is a new sensorless standstill monitor from Schmersal, which boasts significant improvements over its AZR and FWS series predecessors.

The ‘SSW300HV’ was developed with a wide-range power supply for all common AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current)operating voltages, from 24 V/DC / 24 V/AC to 230 V/AC.

Such a universal device replaces 14 variants of the previous product range making product selection and spares management much simpler.

The SSW303HV is compact at only 45 millimetres wide and has pluggable, coded connecting terminals to ensure rapid, error-free installation, while an additional signalling contact provides information on the error status of the module for control system integration.

The temperature range is a -25 to +55 degrees celsius which increases potential installation in harsh locations.

The standstill monitor operates entirely without sensors, so no allowance or space is required for mounting external sensors.

The safety module is connected directly to a three-phase motor and directly measures the frequency of the induced voltage, for rated motor voltages of up to 690 V. The safety contacts open as soon as the motor comes to a standstill.

The SSW303HV can be used in safety circuits up to category 4/Performance Level e in accordance with EN 13849-1 and SIL 3 in accordance with EN IEC 61508.

The Schmersal range also includes a range of solenoid locks and accessories to facilitate the guard locking and unlocking once machine stop has been detected by SSW300HV.

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