Crestron Flex Video Phones connect colleagues to customers

Having the right technology for your personal workspace at home or in the office is more important than ever in today’s hybrid workforce.

With more meetings happening than ever before, it is important that we can be confident with the technology we are using to connect with our colleagues and customers.

Crestron has expanded their range of video conferencing devices to include the new Crestron Flex Video Phones for Microsoft Teams.

Crestron Flex Video Phones are a dedicated enterprise phone conferencing solution which offers a quick, easy meeting experience where users can instantly access any meeting, share notes and collaborate directly from the Crestron Flex device.

Using a laptop or PC to host video, audio and call related content at the same time is now less practical, and Crestron Flex Video Phones will now free up those devices to allow you to use your laptop or smartphone as a productivity tool during a meeting, minimising inefficient task-switching.

Crestron Flex Video Phones are easy to use, simply touch the button to join or start the meeting.

Crestron Flex Video Phones will give you the flexibility and confidence to lead or participate in your next meeting.

For more information visit Crestron.

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