Motor starting and protection: Keep things moving with protection and control at every level

ABB’s head of mining shares his insights into how Australian mining companies can begin mapping their path towards achieving net zero and decarbonisation.

More than half of the world’s population now lives in cities and towns, and the United Nations projects that the global urban population will increase to around 68 percent by 2050. If we continue with business as usual, this scale of expansion will accelerate climate change, and degrade the quality of air and water. In keeping with global trends, the demand for electric motion is expected to grow significantly.

It is estimated that roughly 70 percent of electricity consumed by industry is used by electric motor systems. In commercial buildings, 38 percent of electric energy consumption goes into powering motors.

Increasing industrialisation across the globe creates a huge demand for low-voltage electric motors. The energy costs contribute decisively to the total costs of a motor system. When it comes to keeping total cost of ownership down and boosting profitability, continuous operation and energy efficiency is essential.

Reducing the total cost of ownership

Electrical motors are found everywhere – from simple pumps and fans to more sophisticated applications in the material processing or oil and gas industry. The energy costs contribute decisively to the total costs of a motor system, but the purchasing price makes up only a fraction of the total cost of ownership. Efficient, reliable and sustainable motor starting and protection solutions can help drive down the total cost of ownership of your installations.

ABB has been offering premium efficiency IE3 motors for years, leading the way towards even higher energy savings, effectively reducing the cost of running an electric motor driven system. ABB’s low voltage motor starting and protection solutions are IE3/IE4 compatible, offering users of high-efficiency motors solutions with small footprints and low operation energy consumption.

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Keeping your environment cool

Your HVAC systems need to work no matter what. Heating and cooling are more than a luxury in today’s world. They are a necessity to ensure better air quality and environmental comfort where we live and work in. For this reason, it is more and more crucial to make HVAC systems more efficient every day, to lower energy consumption and keep our environment clean.

Among other applications, chiller systems are increasingly drawing our attention, making compressors more critical in every process and every building. In fact, compressors are often the largest individual load, and chiller systems can easily be designed to operate with efficient and reliable full speed motor starting and protection to start the compressors.

ABB has a wide range of full-speed motor starting and protection solutions for all applications in HVAC but, among other parts of the system and from an electrical point of view, chillers are the most critical components and often the largest individual loads.

With ABB and the digital capabilities of its devices, chiller systems can easily manage compressors and fans in an efficient and reliable way, with the goal of granting continuous operations, energy efficiency, space saving and ease of installation.

To learn more about how ABB can keep your environment cool, view this comprehensive brochure.

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