Loram bridges the gap in structural monitoring

Loram’s Structural Monitoring specialist discussing sensor layout with the bridge owner.

Bridges and tunnels are critical pieces of transportation infrastructure and ensuring their stability is essential as they continue to age and endure increasing loads.

Scour, collisions, settlement, and even construction activities can all create instances where critical infrastructure can be quickly and unexpectedly damaged.

SR1 placed on bridge pier.

Loram Structural Monitoring technology is specifically designed to help manage difficult challenges by keeping users informed of the conditions at the bridge and tunnel sites. It does this by sending easily digestible reports daily, weekly, monthly, or even immediately for significant strikes or safety events.

Loram’s Structural Monitoring has a few key components, the SR1 detects movement like bridge strikes, nearby construction activities, high water, and scour. It has been designed to run outdoors even while submerged in water for a week. The data is recorded continuously and can also be stored internally for later retrieval in the event the mobile network is temporarily disabled.

The SIM1 camera is a purpose built, ruggedised outdoor camera that can capture images of the cause of impact. It’s integrated to operate with the SR1 to synchronise the capture of events. Only relevant data is pushed to the cloud, reducing the need for expensive data plans.

SGC1 and solar panel installed on bridge.

The SGC1 can connect up to six devices such as SR1’s and SIM1’s. It’s connected to a solar panel that can power all the devices, plus an internal battery that can provide up to five days of power in the event of total loss of the solar power. It is also able to withstand a direct lightning strike.

While nothing can replace the inspector’s jobs, their time on a particular bridge or tunnel is limited. As a result, they typically assess bridge and tunnels behaviour by looking for the signs of damage, misalignment, and cracks.

Loram Structural Monitoring solutions can provide inspectors with another valuable tool to use. Loram’s portable monitoring system records how bridge and tunnel elements behave over time so inspectors can identify poor behaviour before the bridge or tunnel incurs damage.

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