Engage your workforce with Swift in-room casting


It’s no secret that attracting (and retaining) top talent is one of the most prevalent challenges in the industry today. Executives and HR departments alike are focused on acquiring additional services that extend the home-away-from-home experience and provide workers with access to features like casting for streaming apps.

Just last week, technology company Swift Media released their new Swift Access solution that will allow workers to do just that, cast their favourite streaming apps from their mobile phone or tablet, straight to their TV. This enables workers to ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) and easily transfer their home entertainment to site.

Swift Access combines Swift’s on-demand content library, cached locally on site, with ground-breaking casting device management to minimise bandwidth usage and save costs, while also simplifying the installation, set up and maintenance of casting services. Simple and secure in-room pairing also ensures worker’s personal information is kept safe, with no way for them to stream to other rooms.

While casting is the flagship feature of this new solution, Swift Access holistically addresses many of the common issues associated with workforce satisfaction on site. It does this by keeping sites connected and engaged with communications, early release movies and specialist resources including Mental Health and Indigenous content, delivered through Swift’s cleverly designed network infrastructure.

With this release, Swift is showing the industry that it is not only a premium provider of these services, but a valuable long-term partner which can assist companies in ensuring satisfaction KPIs are met. This has the potential to ensure workers are retained for longer periods, reducing employee churn and the costs associated.

Swift Access is a rare all-in-one solution that is managed end-to-end by Swift’s Perth-based team making it a potential game changer for sites currently located in remote and challenging environments, who want to continue to exceed changing worker expectations.

To find out more visit the Swift website and contact their team.

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