Emesent Hovermap is now compatible with European-made drone


The integration of autonomous LiDAR technology, Hovermap, and a robust European-made drone provides an unrivalled solution for the mapping and inspection of complex environments. Find out how the new Hovermap-Zoe platform can be used to capture data, even in challenging GPS-denied environments.

Putting an end to hazardous inspections and surveys, the combination of autonomous LiDAR mapping technology Hovermap and the European Zoe aircraft allows for data capture beyond line of sight and communication range. Zoe’s ability to handle harsh environments and carry a large payload make it a great match for Hovermap, which provides omnidirectional, Lidar-based, collision avoidance, and stable GPS-denied flight.

This combination allows users to fly safely up close to, inside, or underneath assets to map them and capture detailed images. These can include everything from stopes, draw points, ore passes to oil and gas rigs and bridges.


Find out more about the capabilities of the Hovermap-Zoe platform and how it can be used to meet different scanning needs.

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