Cummins powers mining’s lowest cost of production

The challenges mining presents are as varied as the locations and extremes in which you operate. Cummins has been meeting those challenges head on with groundbreaking world class support, new technology and sustainable solutions that put the power in your hands.

For over 100 years Cummins has been building trust with miners.  It has established service capabilities across the globe to support mines in some of the most remote places in the world and Cummins strives hard to provide consistent service to its customers no matter where they operate.  It’s this trust that establishes the foundation for strong partnerships capable of achieving the balance between cost and productivity.


“The mining industry will continue to find solutions to improve the productivity of its operations. Some of these, such as the extended maintenance intervals and engines capable to do more with less, will help miners both on sustainability and productivity fronts. This is a double gain for the industry,” said Steve Cummins, director and general manager of mining business at Cummins Asia Pacific.

From dependability of the Cummins power solutions to the trusted service it provides, learn more about how Cummins is always in action when performing in mining applications for miners and OEMs in its efforts to sustainably achieve the lowest cost of production.

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