Combatting belt conveyor spillage: How to maintain load zones and minimise downtime


Flexco's enclosed skirting system.

Let’s start with the fundamentals … what is spillage?

Spillage occurs when material falls off the belt conveyor in areas other than the discharge point, usually near the load zone. Across all industries, any material that spills off the belt instantly loses value – costing your operation productivity, maintenance time, equipment life and employee safety. Losing as little as 1% of the conveyed product will increase your operational costs.

Common causes of belt conveyor spillage could be an improperly tensioned belt, inadequate sealing at the load zone, overloading, mistracking, product surge, and poorly-maintained load zone components. Consequently, spillage can become part of a continuous and vicious cycle; mistracking causes spillage, and spillage causes mistracking, which then changes the belt friction, causing the belt to be misaligned, which accelerates component wear.

So, what does this have to do with your load zone?

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