Breathing quality air underground

Minova has manufactured a range of cementitious and chemical based products and systems used in the design and construction of underground mine ventilation structures and bulkheads for more than 20 years.

In 1999 we diversified into contract design and installation of Ventilation Control Devices (VCD’s) and since that time have considerably expanded the range of products, devices and services available to the underground coal and metal mining industries globally.

We offer vast experience and capability in engineering, design, product manufacture, fabrication and contract installation of VCD. We have successfully developed and implemented many specific devices for individual customer requirements

Key Benefits:

• Cleanliness of the air in an underground mine

• Reduced re-entry time after a blast due to quality of air control

• Cost efficiency of the operating system

• Trusted designs and engineering certification

• Complete service by one supplier for design, construction and installation of ventilation structures

• Safe to handle VCD’s with convenient and rated lifting points, allowing easy and safe handling during installation

• Customised products to suit any roadway dimension and mine layout

• Protective coatings for harsh environments

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