Addressing product mishandling and improving safety: Free on-site training program

Understanding the fundamentals of a product and the importance of maintenance and handling could help to improve the safety, quality and longevity of a product’s life.

Designed to help improve product understanding and knowledge, AusProof’s free training program can help address issues around product mishandling.

With each individual course created to be no longer than 20 minutes, courses can be completed in a variety of settings, including tool box meetings or a training room.

The training program has been developed to help assist and improve the understanding of electrical cable couplers in the industry. By gaining a greater understanding of these products, it can help to improve the safety, quality and longevity of their use.

No equipment or machinery can be expected to perform without correct handling and maintenance. For this reason, AusProof identify and created a mini series of helpful 15 minute courses that are ideal for toolbox meetings.

Aims and benefits of the AusProof training program include:

  • Help improve understanding of electrical cable couplers in the industry and increase product life, product respect and safety.
  • Each individual training course is designed to be quick and to the point, without consuming company time.
  • Courses can be completed over a period of time.
  • Courses are split into areas – theory and practical aspects of cable couplers.
  • Courses provide a wide range of product knowledge, from understanding flameproof paths and phase segregation through to cable handling and terminations.
  • Knowledge is king – as knowledge of these products and as understanding grows with how they are engineered, so does an employee’s confidence. This encourages correct handling and safe use practices.

Additionally, with the introduction of the Toni and Tony characters, the training program is designed to be engaging and interactive. Toni and Tony provide insight by highlighting important aspects or points, as well as keeping the training lighthearted and enjoyable.

Though the training syllabus covers a wide range of products, accessories and handling, courses can  be selected that are suitable to the needs and requirements of the company. Additional courses can also be developed that can address a sites specific needs or requirements.

Since 1982, AusProof has continued to rethink old ideas, test beyond what is required and generally thinking outside the box to produce word class products. AusProof has a rich history of researching and manufacturing electrical cable couplers to not only meet standards, but exceed current existing products. Enabled by an expansive academic and practical knowledge of low and high voltage capability, AusProof is a proud innovator of the industry and continues to work with customers to develop both unique solutions and improve safety.

Please contact your local state sales representative for further information or to bring training to your site.

When it stands the test of time, works in the harshest conditions in the world and meets all your expectations, then you know you have a quality product.

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