Resolute’s global production unmoved by coronavirus

Resolute Mining has continued its mining and processing operations at the Syama and Mako gold mines in West Africa without coronavirus impacting production.

The company has continued producing gold at Mako in Senegal using a reduced workforce.

Underground mining and haulage at Syama, Mali also performed as expected, with the sulphide processing circuit fully operational.

Resolute has continued to process stockpiled material at the Ravenswood gold mine in Queensland while preparing to sell the mine.

This is expected to settle around the end of the month.

“At Syama and Mako, we are limiting the numbers of people working while maintaining full production,” Resolute managing director John Welborn said.

“The challenges presented by COVID-19 (coronavirus) continue to change on a daily basis.

“The commitment of our people to maintain production is commendable and consistent with how Resolute responds to challenges.

“We are well supported by our logistics partners and remain confident n our key supply chains including fuel, food and product shipment.”

Resolute has not amended its production or cost guidance. Its significant ore stockpiles and run-of-mine inventory at Syama, Mako and Ravenswood are remaining flexible to maintain gold production.

The company has greatly reduced reliance on expatriate technical personnel, with all workforces locally-based in all Resolute’s operating jurisdictions.

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