Reshaping mining operations with digital solutions

With a legacy spanning over three decades, Madison Technologies is ready and able to tackle the mining sector’s digital transformation.

When it comes to communication technology, connectivity, and digitalisation in the mining industry, it may sometimes seem like there are more questions than answers. Luckily, Madison Technologies has made it its business to answer these questions.

“We see ourselves as an Industry 4.0-enablement partner with hands-on experience and understanding of OT (operational technology) systems design and implementation,” Madison Technologies chief executive officer Paul Calabro told Australian Mining.

Madison Technologies chief executive officer Paul Calabro.

Madison Technologies understands it can be difficult for mining companies to move away from reactive responses in operations, and towards predictive responses based on the data gained from digital transformation.

“Our purpose is to enable digital transformation and help organisations unlock the full potential of their operations with purpose-built solutions that unlock data insights and business intelligence, but this can only be achieved through strong relationships with customers and suppliers,” Calabro said.

To support its mining customers in making this change and reaching their digital transformation goals, Madison Technologies has a portfolio of technologies that can help make a mine site more productive and efficient.

“The deployment of digital technologies to monitor environmental or asset performance conditions, such as Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) devices capable of running on batteries for several years with low transmit frequency, allows our mining customers to gain greater operational predictability and use insights from captured data to manage their business more confidently,” Calabro said.

A primary example of this was when Madison Technologies supported a mine site to address inefficiencies across the mine’s critical communications network.

By working with one of its systems integrators, Madison Technologies was able to deploy a mesh connectivity network that reduced communication failures between trucks and communication towers by up to 50 per cent.

This was just one example of how industrial connectivity solutions can help drive increased productivity and occupational health and safety outcomes.

Madison Technologies leverages two key pillars to help guide its mining customers to a helpful and advanced technology solution: its operational technology specialists and in-house technology experts.

“The expertise of our operational technology specialists covers connectivity, Industrial IoT and cybersecurity along with our edge technology and camera-as-a-sensor solutions,” Calabro said.

Madison Technologies’ in-house technology experts provide an advanced level of technical knowledge to support a successful deployment to customers.

Their knowledge is used to effectively develop solutions that solve the unique challenges of the mining industry by using the latest and most applicable technologies.

“This collective experience is a cornerstone of our approach,” Calabro said. “It enables our team to swiftly grasp our clients’ unique challenges within their operational environments.

Other technologies that Madison Technologies can provide include cameras with onboard artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, advanced OT cybersecurity solutions, and Industrial IoT for precise and automated data measurement.

“With over 30 years of reputation in bringing value to the market, our customer relationships span across many industry verticals, thousands of organisations and tens of thousands of contacts,” Calabro said.

“This rich history of placing the customer at the centre of what we do has enabled us to thrive with our customers and share in the success of operating as a 100 per cent Australian-owned-and-operated business.”

But what really sets Madison Technologies apart is a legacy of consistent dedication to enhancing the customer experience.

“As we see more of our world move to online engagement, there is still something to be said about people wanting to deal with people, and our organisation is a testament to how we have conducted ourselves over the last 30 years,” Calabro said.

This feature appeared in the December 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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