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Remote real-time IIoT solution: Altra Motion-Svendborg Brakes Universal Control Case

The Altra Motion-Svendborg Brakes UCcase is a portable IIOT tool leased to customers either REMOTELY or in consultation with a Qualified Altra Motion-Svendborg Service Technician.

When the Universal Control Case is connected through a wi-fi hotspot or ethernet cable, it automatically connects to an Altra Motion-Svendborg Brakes tech allowing for real-time trouble shooting resolution, instant SOBO IQ software updates, plus more.

If a customer is interested in IIOT technology, this is the first step. The UCcase offers trouble-free internet access through a high-security gateway. Data is collected from sensors and stored in the cloud.

To find out how the UCcase can help you make significant savings when servicing remotely, obtain accurate readings on current product performance, assist with real-time support with complicated commissioning jobs, increase and optimise uptime based on preventative monitoring.

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