REMA TIP TOP to keep Australia moving through business continuity plan

REMA TIP TOP has shown no signs of backing down amid this unprecedented time, signifying the company’s strength and commitment to support its clients across Australia.

The conveyor and tyre repair specialist company released its COVID-19 business continuity plan (BCP) to keep Australia on the move.

Part of the BCP is the development of video-based training packages to keep its team members and customers engaged despite remote working arrangements.

REMA TIP TOP is in the process of rolling them out to its customer facing teams, ascertaining their safety and service availability to mining companies via digital and cloud-based technologies.

The teams will be available to the companies via video conferencing technology to maintain connectedness.

This is a pre-emptive effort that brings REMA TIP TOP’s initiatives – increased stock holdings and ramped up production – amid a tumultuous time to the next level.

REMA TIP TOP Asia-Pacific chief executive Benedikt Schneider

“We’re taking an aggressive stance on keeping our people, customers and projects connected to ensure operations run as scheduled despite the challenges presented by this time,” REMA TIP TOP Asia-Pacific chief executive Benedikt Schneider said.

“As a supplier to primary industry providing critical products and expert services, we’ve recognised our responsibility to lift and support our people, their families and the broader community.

“With our production now resumed in China we are operating almost at business as usual levels and this global capability provides a significant benefit for our customers.”

REMA TIP TOP has commenced daily stock reviews across all its global manufacturing and warehousing facilities in a bid to maintain continuity of products supply internationally.

The company jhas also boosted its communication with critical suppliers to receive up-to-the-minute updates and determine their preparedness with supply levels.

It will also continue monitoring global logistics detail closely, including key movements in China, the United States and Europe.

“We take pride on building a network that has the flexibility to adapt to this current time and a team that is working together in an agile approach to maintain supply,” Schneider said.

“Our goal is to ensure that Australia stays on the move to sustain its economy and communities that have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

“This commitment is made possible by our strong resources, proven capability and rising agility to respond to constantly changing situation.”

REMA TIP TOP’s business continuity plan also extends to scenarios where there may be increasing operational risk due to the coronavirus pandemic.

On site, REMA TIP TOP adheres to strict safety protocols, including conducting its pre-starts and toolbox talks in open air settings.

Visit REMA TIP TOP’s website to read more about the BCP.

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