Rebuilding better

Hastings Deering has simplified its repair services to help customers choose the right option to suit their needs.

With every repair comes a different set of circumstances, including working conditions, weather, and the required materials.

This is a situation Queensland Caterpillar (Cat) dealer Hastings Deering understands, which is why the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) has simplified its repair services to help customers choose the most appropriate option for them.

Hastings Deering can rebuild and service customer needs, whether performed on-site or in one of Hastings’ Cat-certified workshops. If a customer wants to balance cost and downtime or extend component life, for example, Hastings Deering has a repair option that will suit.

“Whether you are facing a planned or unplanned component overhaul or replacement, having a more diverse range of repair options helps to lower operating costs and meet your production demands,” the company said on its website.

As part of its repair options, Hastings Deering provides complete replacements that are new and fresh out of the factory. 

The OEM also has exchange options that are convenient for the customer, eco-friendly and allow for minimal downtime. The Cat and Hastings Deering remanufacturing divisions ensure all exchange component options meet Cat standards.

“Where downtime is critical and you want fast return to work, exchange your end-of-life component for an off-the-shelf one for fast turnaround, as-new life, and lower-than-new component cost,” Hastings Deering said.

Each Cat component is “built to be rebuilt”, which means longer-term reusability and cost benefits beyond the initial purchase of the new component.

“(Our) Cat certified rebuild programs help you benefit from the multiple lives designed into Cat machines, power trains and major components,” Hastings Deering said.

“They are ‘built to be rebuilt’ for maximum value and longer life. (Customers can) maximise the investment in their asset with full utilisation of a second life, at a fraction of the cost of buying new.”

Hastings Deering offers repair options that extend component life.
Image: Hastings Deering

In addition to machine rebuilds, Hastings Deering offers options where it will extend component life or will repair the component according to the customer’s specifications.

Hastings Deering’s exchange, rebuild and repair options adopt a ‘reduce, reuse and save’ philosophy.

“Remanufacturing and returning end-of-life components to same-as-new condition reduces waste,” the OEM said.

“In minimising the raw material consumption needed for producing new parts, you contribute towards more sustainable development, keeping non-renewable resources in circulation for multiple lifetimes.”

Customers who partner with Hastings Deering for a Cat certified rebuild on their machine and components will also benefit from up to 24 months and 10,000 hours in warranty coverage on parts and service for any new, exchange, or rebuild and return component.

On top of the warranty providing customers with greater peace of mind, Hastings Deering’s equipment specialists work to understand the individual circumstances of the customer to help ensure the best repair option is chosen for their business and operational needs.

“They might be our people, but they really work for you,” the company said.

“Hastings Deering understands the mining industry, we know what keeps it moving and our expert teams know everything about the equipment we sell.

“Whether you are balancing cost versus downtime, looking to extend component life or wanting to keep your own iron, you can rely on us to go the extra mile to provide uncompromising service.”

This feature appeared in the March 2024 issue of Australian Mining.

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