Ready to roll at IMARC

The 2023 International Mining and Resources Conference will help to facilitate the conversation for sustainable and innovative mining operations.

Entering its 10th year, the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) has long been seen as a key international forum to facilitate continuous improvements and initiatives in the mining sector.

Conversations around sustainability, net-zero and low carbon emissions are all-important, now more than ever, and that conversation can only happen when the world gets together in one place.

Juergen Wallstabe from the German-Australian Chamber of Industry and Commerce said IMARC provides an opportunity to showcase how Germany’s emphasis on environmental protection has led to stringent regulations for mitigating environmental harm.

“Germany’s commitment to remediating and restoring abandoned mining sites demonstrates our dedication to healing environmental wounds,” he said. “IMARC offers a chance to share our experiences and learn from others facing similar challenges.”

Energy security is once again a key term in Europe, partly driven by the ongoing war in Ukraine and its impact on reliable energy supply, but also as a result of shifting political environments in countries like Germany.

And to secure reliable energy for many generations to come, countries across the globe need critical minerals.

“Australia is already and will continue to be a key player in securing a steady supply of critical minerals,” Wallstabe said.

“Wind turbines need steel, copper and strong magnets with rare earths minerals. Batteries consist of a wide range of critical minerals like lithium, manganese, copper, nickel (and) cobalt, and the hydrogen industry needs platinum, iridium or candium.

“All resources that Europe struggles to produce in sufficient quantities.” 

Sustainability is a global effort, and the topic will take centre stage at IMARC 2023.

IMARC spokesperson Paul Phelan is looking forward to having Germany so strongly represented at the event.

“It is clear that Germany’s public and private sectors are investing in the long term, with its research institutions and companies actively exploring novel technologies to enhance resource extraction efficiency, reduce environmental impacts, and improve worker safety,” Phelan said.

“IMARC offers an opportunity to witness how a technological giant like Germany is leading the way.”

Representatives from Canada, another mining superpower, will also be in attendance.

Canada Mining Innovation council chief executive officer Carl Weatherell said leadership of the mature mining countries such as Canada and Australia is critical to achieving the mining industry’s global environmental goals.

“In order to reduce the mining industry’s energy use, water use and environmental footprint by 50 per cent by 2027, the major players have not only an opportunity but a responsibility to work together on innovations that reduce waste, lower costs and mitigate environmental impacts across all aspects of exploration and development,” he said.

“Canada and Australia are global leaders in the mining industry, with decades of experience and innovation behind them, so they have a natural role in leading mining’s transformation to a more responsive, sustainable and resilient industry.

“It’s incumbent on the two countries and their companies to work together to redefine and rethink the future of the industry in terms of how we collaborate, who we collaborate with, and what we work together on.”

MARC has historically brought together key international bodies to discuss all things mining.

IMARC chief operating officer Anita Richards said the 2023 event is the ideal opportunity for countries like Canada to attract investment, showcase their expertise and engage with mining and METS (mining equipment, technology and services) companies, investors and suppliers to collaborate and develop business opportunities. 

“For its part, Canada has a great story to tell as a stable and attractive destination for global investment in the resources the world needs for a cleaner future, and the expertise and leadership it can offer to a transitioning global industry,” Richards said. 

“IMARC is designed to provide a forum to explore these opportunities and to showcase the best and latest knowledge, innovation and growth that benefit the whole value chain.

“Standing alongside Australia as one of the world’s largest mining nations with significant role in the future of resources, Canada has always been a strong partner of IMARC throughout our 10-year history and we are delighted to welcome them back once again.” 

IMARC 2023 will be held at ICC Sydney from October 31 – November 2.

This feature appeared in the October 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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