Queensland seeks cleaner future

Queensland Mines and Energy Minister Geoff Wilson has told parliament that the successful storage of greenhouse gas production holds the key to future reductions of the State’s greenhouse emissions.

“The coal, petroleum and gas industries are keenly interested in greenhouse gas storage, particularly from coal-fired power stations,” Wilson said.

“The Greenhouse Gas Storage Bill 2008 will allow industry to explore for greenhouse gas stream storage sites.”

Wilson said that the Queensland Government has various projects working towards improved greenhouse gas storage.

“Tarong Energy is working on a pilot project in partnership with CSIRO to capture greenhouse gases at the Tarong power station,” he said.

“This project alone has the potential to capture 1500 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

“And there’s our ZeroGen project, which could become the first in the world to combine coal gasification with carbon capture and storage, to produce electricity with low carbon dioxide emissions.”

The Queensland Government is committed to finding environmental solutions, but also aware of the importance of the energy industry, Wilson said.

“While we push ahead with renewable energy solutions and gas-fired power, coal will continue to play an important role in providing the power we need to get on with our daily lives,” he said.

“Our key challenge is to use it in an environmentally sustainable way.”

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