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Sempertrans aims to provide tailored solutions for the mining industry’s conveyor belt needs.

Celebrating 10 years on Australian shores, Sempertrans draws upon decades of experience and an extensive reservoir of expertise to offer a diverse range of technologically advanced conveyor belts to the mining industry.

With products ranging from heavy-duty textile to high-strength steel cord belts, the company places an emphasis on exceptional reliability and extended service life.

Sempertrans is part of the larger Semperit Group, which dates back nearly 200 years and operates across the globe.

“Sempertrans is one of five business entities within the Semperit group,” Sempertrans head of sales Scott Hancock told Australian Mining. “Our focus is on producing and supplying exceptional-quality conveyor belts, specialising in rubber products and services.”

Sempertrans conveyor belts are built to handle any environment.

Since Sempertrans took off in Australia in 2013, its goal has been to service all of the mining industry’s conveyor belt needs, transporting bulk materials including coal, iron ore, cement, sand, grains, and chemicals.

With a focus on reliability, the company offers tailor-made solutions for any specialised conveying task.

“We’ve had major success in our specialised conveyor belts because we focus on premium performance and high-quality conveyor belt delivery to our customer,” Hancock said.

With plans to expand its footprint even further into the heavy steel cord conveyor belt space, Hancock said Sempertrans is primed to rise to any challenge the mining industry faces.

“That’s really our specialty,” he said. “Our production plants can produce belts up to 3.2m wide and 45mm thick, delivering rolls up to 45 tonnes.”

“We are one of the only manufacturers in the world producing steel cables in-house.

“We compound all the raw materials internally and once we manufacture the steel cables, we proceed to vulcanisation and completing the production of the conveyor belt.”

Sempertrans boasts the largest conveyor belt manufacturing facility in Europe, located in Poland, and produces heavy textile belts at its facility in India.

“We have two production facilities in India and Poland from which we can have complete control of our products from start to finish,” Hancock said. “We also compound all our own rubbers in-house for the different cover grades we provide to our customers.”

Customer service is at the forefront of Sempertrans’ commitment to quality.

Beyond the manufacturing and supply of quality products, Sempertrans also offers valuable aftermarket support to its customers.

The company has dedicated global application engineering teams as well as field service teams working to provide consulting services and optimised conveyor belt designs.

The goal is to enhance overall production plant efficiency and ensure the seamless installation of Sempertrans belts.

For an industry dealing with a diverse range of bulk materials, the company offers both textile and steel cable-reinforced conveyor belts, along with splicing kits and materials for installation, technical consulting, supervision, inspection, and training.

“We specialise in heavy applications,” Hancock said. “We have fire resistant, anti-static approval across our range, as well as other specialty products like Ripstop that provide the highest impact protection to the belt the industry has seen.

“Additionally, our Autostable belt solves misalignment issues and provides more conveyor availability to the customers by self-centring without any accessory or modification of the conveyor system.”

Sempertrans also aims to maintain its competitive edge through constant product improvement in compounds, construction, and reinforcement materials.

“We deliver high-performing conveyor belts for customers looking for reliability,” Hancock said. “We like to work closely with our customers to deliver a solution that benefits them.”

To offer tailored solutions, Sempertrans closely collaborates with its customers to understand the unique needs of an operation. The company’s knack for creativity and innovation does the rest.

Semptertrans conveyor belts have fire resistant, anti-static approval across the range.

“Sempertrans recently delivered a solution to a large mining operation in WA,” Hancock said. “We provided 18km of overland conveyor belt, and another kilometre of textile belts for their run-of-mine processing facility.

“We implemented our TransEvo ultra-low resistance conveyor belt, which delivers energy savings of up to 25 per cent for the lifetime of the belt.”

Sempertrans’ TransEvo covers are made from a special rubber compound that allows for reduced rolling resistance due to indentation losses while the belt is running over idlers.

Not only saving energy, the TransEvo belt is also thinner, significantly reducing the cost of the whole conveyor solution.

“That’s just one of the ways Sempertrans is able to reduce its carbon footprint,” Hancock said. “We’re mindful of meeting our customers’ needs but also looking at the environmental impact of conveyor belts.”

As the Australian mining industry enters an era focused on environmental, social and governance (ESG) and emissions reduction in the face of net-zero targets, Sempertrans aims to carve out a space that refuses to compromise on either efficiency or the environment.

“The environment is a hot topic at the moment, not only in the mining industry, but worldwide,” Hancock said. “We’re looking at ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and provide those benefits to our customers.”

Hancock emphasised that reducing Sempertrans’ carbon footprint will not only be done through developing products like the TransEvo range, but by also looking at internal ways the company as a whole can reduce its carbon footprint.

“We’re targeting energy consumption and waste reduction both internally and externally,” Hancock said. “We want to deliver a positive outcome for our customers, but we’re also living that same philosophy internally.”

It’s this kind of innovation, experience and customer-first focus that has galvanised Sempertrans as one of the world’s leading suppliers in the conveyor belt industry.

“Any manufacturer can make conveyor belts to a certain specification,” Hancock said. “But we want to do provide tailored, high-performing belts that deliver optimal performance and results for our customers.”

This feature appears in the December 2023 issue of Australian Mining.

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