Protestors blockade QGC workers, chain to truck

Protestors blockaded a QGC drilling site near Miles yesterday and a Lock the Gate protestor chained herself to the company truck.

Police arrived at the scene where members of Lock the Gate and Friends of the Earth formed a barrier for workers at Columboola Creek yesterday to stop QGC from trenching through the creek for an LNG pipeline.

The Chronicle reports Lock the Gate protestor Cassie McMahon chained herself to a QGC truck, stopping workers from reaching the creek.

“QGC have been carving a swath of destruction through farmland with their coal seam gas pipeline, and repeated complaints from neighbouring farmers have gone completely unheeded,” she said.

“They have repeatedly violated their Environmental Authority by pumping waste water and mud onto a neighbouring farm.”

Lock the Gate also applied for an urgent court injunction to restore the original plan to drill under the creek rather than trench.

But a spokesman for QGC said the company thought trenching was the most environmentally friendly process for crossing that part of the creek, which usually flows in the wet season.

“Site surveys by specialist environmental consultants have recorded no nationally protected plants or animals and a specialist independent expert has certified erosion and sediment control plans.

“QGC will use waterway crossing techniques in line with the Australian Pipeline Industry Association’s Code of Environmental Practice and comply with the relevant environmental authority.”

He said QGC is open to government assessment of its activities.

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