Prospect Awards 2022: Sustainability Project of the Year

The Australian Mining Prospect Awards will return to Brisbane in 2023, and nominations for the awards are now open.

With in-person award presentations and gala evenings back on this year’s social calendars, the 2022 Australian Mining Prospect Awards are set to be a major event.

And with five new or updated awards making their debut, there’s more chances than ever for people and companies in the mining sector to be acknowledged for their outstanding work.

Each of the new awards focuses on a different area of the mining industry, from sustainability and environmental achievements to outstanding mine discoveries and performances.

One of these awards is the Sustainability Project of the Year Award.

This new category celebrates projects that decarbonise and reduce waste and emissions at mine sites and is open to mines or contractors and suppliers who are working with mines to achieve these outcomes.

As miners everywhere are working to increase their environmental, social and governance (ESG) credentials to create a more sustainable industry, it promises to be a hard-fought category.

The award is designed to help drive a more sustainable mining industry and promote the operational efficiencies that reduce a mine’s environmental footprint. There is a lot of effort being undertaken to improve the industry’s long-term sustainability, and this award is a way to celebrate these efforts.

The nominated project must show tangible results demonstrated by evidence of its use on a mine site. The sustainability project can be anything from operational technology that looks at increasing efficiency to reduce how many trucks run daily, vehicle electrification or new fuels (such as hydrogen) used in trucks.

The 2022 Prospect Awards will be held in Perth in November. This year will be the first time the awards will be held in Western Australia to acknowledge the vibrancy and importance of the state’s thriving mining industry.

Nomination forms and criteria for the 2022 Prospect Awards can be found online.

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