Prospect Awards 2020: A time to reflect on the industry

With the announcement of the 2020 Prospect Awards looming, Australian Mining reached out to its sponsors to stay on the pulse of what’s happening in the industry.

Year 2020 has not been an easy one for the mining industry. The impact from the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath effects, including disruptions in the global supply chain and limitations imposed on local, interstate and international travel, has forced many companies to revisit and make adjustments to their workflows to maintain maximum operational efficiency.

Despite the challenging times, the mining industry has shown great resilience in the face of the crisis. The early introduction of the National Resources Industry COVID-19 Protocols by the Minerals Council of Australia in April, in partnership with Australian governments, enabled the resources sector to continue operating as an essential industry.

Many mining companies also accelerated their adoption of new technologies and enhanced their safety protocols to put the industry on the path to recovery.

The 2020 Australian Mining Prospect Awards provide an opportunity to reflect on the industry’s performance and the key takeaways from this year’s experiences.

Australian Mining talked to some of the sponsors of this year’s awards to gather their views on the main challenges facing mining and how they think the industry can manage this period.

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This article also appears in the September issue of Australian Mining.

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