Tier 3 compliant coal loaders

Sandvik Mining and Construction have unveiled their new range of underground coal loaders.

The company has launched the 7 tonne LS171 and 10 tonne LS191, which have lower emissions, higher power and torque delivery and increased safety.
With both loaders powered by a Tier 3 Caterpillar C7 engine, the loaders have gross power of 172kW at 2200 rpm and maximum torque of 940 Nm at 1650 rpm, and increase of 25% from the previous models.
This engine has been specifically designed for underground applications.
The LS171 uses a conventional fixed displacement hydraulic system for its loader system.
The LS191 – as with its predecessor the LS190 – has a pressure-compensating hydraulic system which allows it to act as a prime mover unit for a 50 tonne hydraulic drive roof support trailer, used for relocating longwall shields and equipment.
The engine’s electronic management system has been specifically developed by for underground operations.
To comply with underground explosion protection requirements, all exposed field devices for the engine electronics are either intrinsically safe or encapsulated.
The loaders have been designed for easier maintenance, with all major components moved so that daily and weekly checked points are all at ground level.
In the cab, the operator’s display includes details such as solenoid status, pressure switch status, faults log and engine diagnostics.
The braking system has also seen safety related improvement, with the safety related parts of the braking control system meeting AS4024.1501 Category 3 requirements.
Stability levels have also been improved, while both loaders are fitted with ROPS/FOPS operator’s canopies.
Noise levels have been reduced by fitting engine bay covers, which have been designed so that operators and maintenance personnel are discouraged from leaving them open during operation.
In addition, a temperature-controlled fan only runs at full speed if it needs to, further contributing to lower noise levels.
Other safety and operational features include in-cab engine/shutdown system diagnostics, wet scrubber system and improved cabin ergonomics and layout.
The LS171 has a maximum payload of 7000kg, and has a length of 8.65m with a height if between 2m to 2.2m.
The LS191 has a maximum payload capacity of 10 000kg and measures 8.9m including the bucket.
The first of these coal loaders were delivered into the Narrabri Coal mine in NSW in July 2010.

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