Thermomark Prime

Thermal transfer printer for stationary and mobile use on site

The THERMOMARK PRIME is the unique combination of proven, reliable printing technology, a complete, integrated marking software, and a durable, independent energy supply.

The THERMOMARK PRIME is a transportable, mobile marking centre, simplifying printer operation right on site. Equipped with a rechargeable high-power battery, the THERMOMARK PRIME has various interfaces for connecting to other systems to make the processing of extensive printing projects convenient.

It also has an interface for transferring printing projects. An automatic material detection function checks the components used, thereby preventing printing errors. The marking software is installed directly on the printing system and is operated via touch display. This makes a connection to an external PC unnecessary.

It also means you can create labels using the THERMOMARK PRIME in locations where a power supply is not automatically guaranteed. Its powerful battery outlasts an entire work shift and is capable of labelling up to 500 UCT cards. Using the special power supply unit, it is fully recharged in just three hours.

With its wide variety of functions, the THERMOMARK PRIME can mark terminals, cables, and conductors as well as devices and systems. The handy, battery-operated printer is based on thermal transfer printing technology.

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