The industrial termination and patching solution

Available from Control Logic is Hirschmann’s Modular Industrial Patch Panel (MIPP), a versatile termination panel for both fibre and copper cables connected from the operating environment to active equipment.

Easily installed on any standard 35 mm DIN Rail, MIPP features high port-density to meet expanding network connectivity needs within limited space.

The durable MIPP panels are constructed of lightweight, high strength aluminium, securely protecting copper and optical fibre connections under the harshest industrial conditions.

The housing can withstand temperatures from -20 degrees celsius to 70 degrees celsius and is resistant to shocks and vibrations.

The patch panel’s industrial quality guarantees a secure termination point for reliable industrial ethernet connectivity.

As network design may change over time, MIPP allows for modifications by simply swapping modules to meet the new design required.

Installing a MIPP with blank modules readies the solution for any extensions or modifications to come.

The importance of cabinet space in industrial sites has been considered with its narrow housing design. With three cable entry points (top and bottom) there is no need for special cabinet design or positioning.

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