Sy-Klone improving cab air quality

Whether surface or underground mining or large or small equipment, Sy-Klone offers solutions to protect your equipment and your operators. Sy-Klone has worked with mine operators and machine manufacturers to create custom engineered solutions for pre-cleaning engine intake air and improving cab air quality.

The Sy-Klone RESPA-CF2 is the most advanced cab air quality system available, delivering a powered pre-cleaner, filter, and pressuriser in one compact, customisable unit.

This innovation from Sy-Klone offers the highest quality of filtration and pressurisation at the lowest costs. 

The cost-effective system extends the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system maintenance intervals while dramatically extending filter life — which saves on filter and labour costs to the user. 

The powered pre-cleaning technology allows cabs and enclosures to sustain positive pressurisation while keeping particulate out.

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