Siemag Tecberg on show at AIMEX 2013 [VIDEO]

German based Seimag Tecberg has recently launched itself as a shaft hoisting systems supplier in the Australian market.

Showcasing its wears at the recent AIMEX 2013 event, the company has already been involved in a number of large scale Australian projects including BHP Billiton’s Olympic dam project.

Seimag Tecberg supplied the six megawatt shaft hoisting system at the Olympic Dam operation.


Prior to launching Seimag Tecberg in Australia, the company was known as MAN GHH Australia and was involved in fitting hoisting systems at the Northparkes copper mine in New South Wales.

The company carried out an electrical and controls upgrade on the production hoist at Northparkes mine earlier this year.

The 3 MW Koepe production hoist at Northparkes Mines was supplied by MAN GHH in 1993, and designed to hoist 815 tonnes per hour from a depth of 492 metres at a hoisting speed of 15 metres per second. SIEMAG acquired the Hoisting Division of MAN GHH in 1997.

As part of the recent upgrade, SIEMAG TECBERG supplied a new hydraulic power pack and associated controls for the brake system of this friction hoist, utilising the existing SIEMAG (GHH) disc brake callipers.

The system belongs to the proven SIEMAG ST N group of brake systems designed for hoisting speeds greater than 4m/s and featuring controlled retardation to ensure that the braking effort is sufficient to bring the system safely to rest, but limiting the rate of deceleration to avoid possible injury to persons or rope slip. In the unlikely event of loss of hydraulic pressure, the multiple callipers are spring applied, making the system fail-safe. 

The two braking functions provided include the service brake for normal operations, which holds the conveyances at the end of each cycle in automatic mode or whenever commanded by the winder driver when in manual mode; as well as the safety brake, which is initiated by a system fault. 

The installed system consists of three channels that act independently, hydraulically and control wise, offering a high level of integrity and redundancy. Each independent channel offers closed-loop control, which modulates the hydraulic pressure in each channel to ensure that the retardation rate is within the design limits irrespective of direction of travel, speed and payload.

The equipment supplied complies with the NSW Department of Trade & Investment’s Division of Resources and Energy guidelines, MDG33 and MDG2005.

Siemad Tecberg Australia designs and manufactures brake systems specifically for all mine winder applications. The range includes open loop, semi-closed loop and closed loop systems as well as their own brake elements in 100, 125 and 200 kN capacity. 

Truck hoisting

Siemag Tecberg’s truck hoisting system is designed to shift a fully laden dump truck directly up an incline.

The company’s Technical Director Michael Fitjer said while the system provides a raft of economic benefits, saving time and money, it does require some foresight from miners.

“In essence we can show a payback of two to three years,” Fitjer said.

“Instead of a truck taking 30 or 40 minutes winding its way up the top we can get it up there in a matter of minutes.”

Fitjer said considering the current state of the mining market, operators need to look for efficiencies.

He said the system delivers carbon emission savings as well as cuts maintenance costs and wear and tear on vehicles.


Calibration systems

Siemag Tecberg Australia's Business Development Manager Gary Schembri demonstrates a brake calibration system, one of many pieces of mining testing equipment available from the company.

The calibration systems can be used in winding inspections and audits to provide detailed reports to clients.


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