SEW updates vibration sensor

Designed as a replacement for the DUV10A, this new vibration sensor features faster sampling time at a constant speed, which allows the monitoring of more dynamic gear unit applications.

On top of this, the sensor also provides an early detection warning of roller bearing and gear unit wear and damage as well as unbalance and resonance detection enabling predictive maintenance.

The DUV30A has been constructed to detect abnormal frequencies across a range of 1.875 to 6000Hz, and has a sampling time of .8 second per monitored object, allowing a greater accommodation of gear unit applications.

It employs a fast Fourier transform (FFT) and high frequency FFT (HFFT) harmonic signal evaluation to monitor the gear units, bearing conditions and vibration.

The sensor is housed in a compact body and mounted onto a gear unit.

The DUV30A sensor is equipped with an RS232 port for in-field parameter set-up and interrogation, and also features a second I/O port that accommodates speed input and alarm output connectivity to supervisory PLCs.

Included with the new DUV30A vibration analysis sensor is a software package—the DUV-S. Required for sensor configuration and calibration, the DUV-S software also provides access to a comprehensive selection of diagnostic and performance data.

System diagnosis is further aided by the DUV30A’s integrated ‘green-yellow-red’ LED indicator. This provides on-site personnel with a quick check option to establish the status of the gear-unit internals. 

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