Ronson Gears CNC Gleason Pfauter Hobber

Melbourne-based gear manufacturer Ronson Gears has become world-renowned since its foundation in 1954 as a leading supplier of open gearing solutions for mining applications such as vibrating screens, longwall vehicles and drill heads.

It recently produced the CNC Gleason Pfauter P400, a mid-sized gear hobber fully equipped and pre-configured to tackle a wide range of gear manufacturing tasks.

Capable of cutting with extreme precision to the highest standards, the P400 is capable of cuts up to 8 module, 400mm in diameter with a face width up to 600mm.

It is ideal for cutting splined shafts, pinion shafts, spur gears and helical gears at high speeds without compromising quality.

As the leading Australian supplier of its type, Ronson Gears aims to maintain its lead with investment in the very latest in world-leading technology.

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