Remote monitoring leads to cost reductions

Credits: Total Rockbreaking Solutions

Rammer’s RD3 monitoring device, together with the first remote rockbreaker monitoring system My Fleet platform has made it easy for customers to monitor their rockbreaker fleet remotely.

The RD3 monitoring device is attached to the rockbreaker and reports detailed information back to the customer about the rock breaking operation in real time.

One of the major causes of premature failure in rockbreakers is long cycles, where the operator continues to hit the button and the piston keeps striking for an extended period of time.

With the cloud-based system, customers can remotely monitor rockbreaker usage and provide operator education when needed to avoid maintenance costs due to premature failure. Correct operation minimises the chance that rockbreaker fails and causes costly unscheduled downtime.

RD3 with a My Fleet platform provides real-time data on operating hours and service intervals, helping customers manage service periods and minimise machinery downtime by scheduling maintenance during times of least impact on production.

With downtime planned at optimal times based on data of the rockbreaker usage, maintenance programs can be streamlined to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

RD3 remote monitoring is an important addition to Rammer rockbreaker, offering to address the needs of customers who are looking at the cost, performance and efficiency of their operations.

The cutting-edge technology is available in all new Rammer Excellence line of rockbreakers as standard.

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