Reflex launches drilling software

Reflex has released the GMIT 5 software which controls gyro survey instruments.

It allows operators to analyse post survey data in tabular and graphical formats, and view multiple borehole paths in 3D co-ordinates.

This means operators no longer have to switch between plan and section views, as the 3D graphics allow them to easily analyse the drill hole from all direction and afterwards plot any of the available parameters after surveys on the drill site.

The GMIT 5 software has faster processing speed than previous incarnations and also has improved diagnostic functions, which alert operators to survey errors by providing an error number and a brief description of it.

The software allows the Reflex Gryo and High Temperature Gyro Smart Instruments to be used for a variety of drilling applications, including underground conventional, horizontal and drop tool.

The software runs on field computers and controls the survey instruments via Bluetooth.

The instruments themselves engage with orthogonally mounted digital MEMS-gyros and mounted accelerometers that sample and record data at a rate of more than 7000 samples per minute.

GMIT 5 guides the operator through the survey process from set up and tool connection to pre-survey alignment, azimuth input, carrying out the survey, post survey alignment and the downloading of raw data.

After survey completion, the data is transferred to a field computer for processing.

Azimuths for each survey station is calculated based on the gyro data, and angular rates integrated according to time.

The timing of the station marks is synchronized with the timing of the recorded gyro data, and the change of azimuth stations is calculated.

For near inclined boreholes a known azimuth value can be entered, however for near vertical boreholes the software guides the operator through a procedure where the tool face of the gyro instruments are directed in a known azimuth direction using a sight (either optical of GPS compass) that is attached to the instrument.

The software displays the azimuth and dip for each survey station, the borehole coordinates and a number of other parameters including deviations from the intended borehole path; gravity field; dog leg severity; and tool rotation.

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