Performance and reliability in demanding conditions

The distribution of electric power on a mine site typically consists of a substation at 11,000 volts, with main feeders distributing this power around the mine site and to underground locations.

For power reticulation underground, additional switchgear is used for isolation, protection and transforming the voltage to specific operating levels.

Most underground mining equipment is powered by 1100 Vac and connected through a distribution box (otherwise known as a load centre or gate end box).

It is critically important that the switchgear used is reliable and able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions that exist on mine sites.

SACE Tmax T4, T5 and T6 range of circuit breakers up to 1150V AC are designed for high demanding applications and are widely specified and used in underground mining all over the world.

Tmax circuit breakers are available in fixed, plug-in and withdrawable versions, with a wide range of thermomagnetic and electronic trip units, including:

  • TMD: adjustable thermal threshold and fixed magnetic threshold
  • TMA: adjustable thermal and magnetic threshold
  • PR221DS / P: include functions against overload, short-circuit and ground fault
  • PR222MP: specifically designed for motor protection

Speak to IPD today for all your 1000V rated switchgear, including but not limited to;

  • S800 MCBs
  • Emax ACBs
  • OT Load Break Switches
  • AF Contactors & AFS Safety Contactors
  • Fuse Switches & Fuses
  • DG Surge Arrestors
  • EMX4i Softstarters

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