Peggys can get a helping hand from Karcher steam power

Camp life for a peggy is not as easy as it looks: They’ve got a lot to deal with.

Every day they have to scrub out bathroom after bathroom, a never-ending chain of hairy sinks, toothpaste flecked mirrors, and streaky toilet bowls.

On top of that, they have quotas to keep, so when they miss your room from time to time, you know the workload might be getting rough.

Yet a peggy doesn’t get much in the way of credit for doing their bit for the mining game, the occasional thankyou, and a fairly tight paycheck compared to what the T/As get on site.

Anything that can make a peggy’s job easier means more rooms get cleaned in the camp, and everyone is happy, so any improvement to the cleaning regimen is a godsend.

Kärcher are well known in the mining world for their pressure cleaners, but they also produce a range of steam cleaners that can make the thankless job of single quarters bathroom cleaning much easier.

The Kärcher Professional DE 4002 is one of the best mobile powered cleaning tools for thoroughly cleaning out unhygenic crevices without having to scrub away with a pad or brush.

The DE 4002 has been designed with all the efficiency and practicality required in professional cleaning situations.

The boiler can be continuously replenished by an additional water tank, allowing extended operation throughout the day.

A total of 4.6 litres of water in the boiler and supply tank will produce approximately 6000 litres of steam, which equates to around five hours of uninterrupted work.

Due to the fact that the supply tank is not directly under pressure, it can be refilled without waiting for the unit to cool.

Steam cleaning is completely chemical free, making the DE 4002 an environmentally friendly option where waste water from cleaning has to be let into a sump.

However, crossing a multitude of terrains can sometimes cause concern for user safety.

The DE 4002 is housed in a splash proof casing, and features a low voltage 12V handle.

The handle is also touch sensitive, meaning it will automatically shut down as soon as the operator lets it go.

A 2.7 metre steam hose allows for greater lateral and overhead operation without having to lift the unit.

The DE 4002 is mounted on a smooth double caster, and two sturdy rear wheels so that it can be dragged around from room to room.

Kärcher have a full range of cleaning options suitable for bathrooms, floors, kitchens, and vehicles at

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