Norbar Torque Tools PTS Multipliers

Norbar Torque Tools, a leading manufacturer of torque control equipment has announce the launch of the new range of pneumatic torque tools.  The new PTS series houses a single efficient air motor, purpose built to improve performance and precision.

Featuring an improved air motor, designed specifically for smooth torque applications, the PTS torque tool runs up to 60 per cent faster than models from the previous PT range, allowing rapid bolt rundown and enhanced operation outputs.

In terms of torque control, the new PTS delivers ±3% repeatability and is factory calibrated to better than ±3% accuracy within the primary torque range of 20100% of the tools capacity.

It is also fitted with a convenient switch which allows operators to easily alternate between forward and reverse operation.  The enhancements to the PTS mean end-users can work safely and comfortably, not only benefitting from extremely low vibration levels and exceptionally low noise levels.

For more information, visit Norbar’s website at:

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