Navman Wireless Qube 3 GPS Vehicle Tracking Device

The Qube GPS Vehicle Tracking Device works with the OnlineAVL 2, collecting and sending information directly from a vehicle to your office. 

Discreet, compact and solid, the Qube is easily installed into any vehicle or mobile plant equipment.

Key features of the Qube GPS tracking device:

Receive automatic time and distance activity updates.

Request independent location queries for a vehicle.

Record location, speed, direction and mileage of a vehicle and or driver. 

Record when the ignition and battery are on or off.

Receive alerts of entry to or exit from specific areas defined by you.

Connect into other devices for two-way messaging, navigation and telemetry monitoring.

Capture off-road travel for RUC claims.

Qube 3 Customer Benefits


Low Power

Quadband GPRS

SirfStar III GPS

Internal Battery

Motion Sensor

100 Geofences 

Increased Event Storage (>1600 standard events)

Anti Tamper Cover

Protects all connections and SIM

Event sent if removed (replaces GPS disconnect event)  

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