Navman Wireless MNAV 760

The M-Nav 760 provides a fully integrated vehicle tracking, job dispatch and satellite navigation solution when used with the Qube technology. 

Bluetooth functionality

4.3" TFT LCD touch screen

Overspeed warning to alert drivers they are speeding 

ETA calculations

Pre-loaded country maps

Stores 100 customisable preset messages

High quality sound speaker 

Tracking, Messaging and Navigation > saves you time and money

Fixed price messaging between the offi ce and M-Nav 760 will reduce company phone bills

Messaging allows for accurate communication, reducing misunderstandings or missed information

Routing keeps your staff moving, hence no more wasted time getting lost, reading maps or going the long way

The M-Nav 760 will sound an alert when a new message is received. So no more interruptions on the job answering calls, checking voicemail or missing messages

Driver identification functionality matches drivers to vehicles for accurate reporting

Overspeed alerts will warn drivers when speed limits have been exceeded 

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