MICO launches off highway truck disc brakes

MICO has released the 520 series hydraulic apply caliper disc brakes for on and off highway vehicles.

The caliper brakes utilise a modulated hydraulic pressure source, such as a master cylinder, to control brake torque.

They can be mounted in a vertical or horizontal position and linings can be replaced without removing the brakes.

The 520 series includes two ductile iron caliper halves that are pressurized by a single inlet port cross over tube feature, allowing hydraulic pressure to actuate the 5.72cm diameter piston in each half.

It provides continuous duty pressure of 1000 PSI and intermittent duty pressure of 1500 PSI.

The brakes weigh approximately 7.7kg, and the brake requires a minimum disc diameter of 38cm.

The caliper brakes feature a spring operated lining retractor mechanism that maintains a constant lining to rotor disc clearance distance when the brakes are not being applied, reducing liner wear.

The lining contact area is 31.5cm2, with a usable lining thickness of less than a centimeter each side.

The units can be attached directly to a threaded hanger or clamp.


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