KSB launches slurry pumps

KSB will unveil its latest slurry pumps at GME

KSB Australia/GIW, Stand 9160 will feature the new ZW vertical slurry pump which provides an economical answer for aggressive, corrosive and abrasive slurry applications.

Suited to dewatering, floor clean-up and process transfer, the ZW pump has already been installed at several sites in the Kalgoorlie region and across the mining industry in Australia.

The display will also include the Australian-made 8 kW Ajax FP submersible mine dewatering pump for pumping water with abrasive particles as well as the  high performance GIW LCC slurry pumps which are suited to applications ranging from solids-laden waste water to aggressive slurries.

KSB’s GME stand will be staffed throughout the exhibition by the company’s mining team – who would like to explain what KSB believes is the world’s most innovative cyclone feed pump and how this product is able to save clients millions of dollars in downtime.

KSB Australia is part of the world-wide KSB group which owns US slurry pump producer, GIW, a global leader in slurry pump design, manufacture and over 90 years experience in pumping slurries.

KSB pumps transport almost every sort of fluid including clean water, aggressive, explosive media, various mixtures of liquids and solids.

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