Kemppi provides safer welding

 Welding equipment manufacturer Kemppi has launched a range of software based welding products for use with its FastMig and KempArc welding machines.

Dubbed the Wise Solutions, the software allows the welding processes to be tailored to the specific work.

The software customises the welding equipment to help the user achieve a level of quality that otherwise would be unattainable with the standard Mig/Mag welding process.

The tailored welding processes and functions are used for root pass work, sheet metal welding, penetration control and focused arcs, where energy density is concentrated into a narrow area.

Developed over several years, the Wise Solutions software enables comprehensive control of the properties of the welding arc as well as the features of the machine.

The software adjusts the arc’s properties to turn the equipment into a customised machine for specific welding work.

It also aids in reducing overall welding times.

The range includes WiseRoot designed for manual and automated root pass welding for steel and stainless steel. WiseRoot allows wide root gap tolerance while eliminating the need for backing rings or ceramics. It produces high quality root welds and is three times faster in root closure than TIG welding;

It also has WiseThin is a tailored cold arc process for manual and automated thin sheet welding and brazing. Typical applications for WiseThin include quality light plate fabrication in ferrous and non-ferrous materials including automotive manufacturing. WiseThin reduces spatter with all materials and post weld material distortion. It also provides excellent weld pool control with varying joint geometry and fit up. Fast and efficient, it reduces the need for weld rework.

It also has WisePenetration delivers consistent power to the weld pool regardless of changes in welding gun orientation or distance between the welding gun and work piece. The process is suitable for manual and automated synergic MIG/MAG welding, especially when welds are difficult to reach. Helping to deliver a quality weld result, WisePenetration saves time and rework costs, and is easy to deploy.

Finally, the range comes with WiseFusion creates and maintains an optimal short circuit characteristic in pulsed MIG/MAG and spray-arc welding applications. Keeping the arc length optimally short for manual and automated welding, WiseFusion ensures consistent weld quality in all positions, and once set, eliminates the need for regular parameter adjustments.


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