Kal Tire’s Mining maximise tyre invesment

At a time when reducing mine operating costs is a focus for many, extending the life of tyres and vehicles by keeping them operational is imperative.

Having an independent tyre service provider with extensive contacts with the major manufacturers and suppliers in the global market is a distinct advantage.

Especially seeing as demand for large mining tyres can fluctuate as quickly as commodity prices and they become increasingly harder to source.

And with surging costs at the forefront of company’s minds, effective and reliable products which help protect the bottom line are being sought out now more than ever.

The average mining haul truck tyre costs more than a Mercedes luxury car.

Retreading existing tyres can provides a significant cost-effective alternative to buying new tyres, giving independent control over tyre supply.

Studies have shown retread tyres can outperform comparable-cost new brands and compare favourably with premium brand tyres at a fraction of the cost.

With this in mind, Kal Tire Mining Group are servicing the mining sector by providing retread tyre solutions to meet the needs of all earthmover tyre uses in whatever environment the vehicle is working in, either in the more traditional ‘smooth and groove’ form or using state-of-the-art remould technology.

Companies are able to maximise the efficiency of production with Kal Tires service, technology, repair and retreading expertise.

In addition to providing economic value, retreaded tyres also promote an investment in the environment. Carbon emissions created during the retread process are much less than those associated with the production of new tyres and reuse tyres that most likely would have simply ended up either being buried as landfill on site or being burned surreptitiously.

The company has invested heavily in world-class facilities, equipment and processes to ensure retreaded tyres are of the highest consistency and quality and have the appearance and integrity of new tyres offering an extended second life to premium tier tyres and reducing overall tyre operating costs.

Kal Tire Mining Group are a global leader in earthmoving and mining tire supply and on-site service operates on over 150 sites, in 19 countries on five continents.

With four new grab trucks and 24 service vehicles to be based in Perth, Kalgoorlie and Port Headland, Kal Tire Australia is one of the country’s fastest growing independent full-service tire distributors.

Existing facilities have also been upgraded providing customers with additional services including an earthmover repair facility as well as warehouse space that allows for greater inventory capacity.

“Acquiring additional capacity, capability and knowledge means we can provide our customers with more quality products and even better service than our current superior offering,” said managing director Graeme Manning.

The company has made investments in infrastructure, facilities and personnel to ensure Australian customers are receiving quality products, durable enough to endure the country’s harsh conditions.

Kal Tire is able to manage the supply chain from start to finish and the company is so confident in the service they offer, monthly KPIs are established and measured not only by the company itself, but also its customers.

KPIs can include: safety performance, work scheduling, pressure maintenance, effectiveness of interaction with dispatch, tyre performance, and the implementation of continuous improvement initiatives.

“Consistent improvement is part of Kal Tire’s culture,” Manning added.

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