Isolation the key to safety on site

Machinery lockout devices are a key safety tool in the mining industry, to prevent injury of workers. They ensure that equipment is isolated, or de-energised, ensuring that it is safe to work on moving or electrified parts.

Locksafe has been serving the mining industry in Australia for more than ten years, with clients in every area of the industry, and few companies without Locksafe devices on site.

The main focus of items from Locksafe is battery isolation. The majority of it is for mining vehicles, whether a light truck or a Haulpac, an excavator, or even stationary machinery. Anything that has an engine needs to be isolated during maintenance, so that workers cannot start it in any possible way.

Locksafe general manager Graeme MacKenzie said there are two main types of isolation units.

The first is for isolating the battery, to ensure that all power is blocked from the system of a machine, including the starter.

However, a starter isolator will isolate the starting mechanism while leaving battery power operational, meaning technicians can still perform electrical checks on the equipment.

One of the key products available from Locksafe is the Bosch Lockout Bracket.

Compatible with Bosch and Hella switches, the Bosch Lockout Bracket is suitable for locking out power (battery isolation) on a range of different machinery, from light vehicles to stationary plant.

The bracket enables the switch to be locked out, protecting personnel and the vehicle from unauthorised start up.

With dimensions of 140 x 80 x 90mm, all locking brackets are mainly stainless steel and are powder coated for identification.

All locking brackets are designed to fit switches without the removal of the switch and cables.

Once fitted the bracket remains permanently in place and can only be locked in the OFF position.

For battery isolation use the Red bracket (-01), and for starter isolation use Yellow (-02).

This bracket can also be modified to suit Narva battery switches.

Most Locksafe products are designed and manufactured at their workshop in Canning Vale WA, which exports products worldwide.

Locksafe also make a range of lock hasps for use with personal safety padlocks, such as the industry standard Masters isolation padlocks (also available from Locksafe).

For a full list of products available from Locksafe and contact details in Western Australia, see their website at

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