Hydco releases drill rigs

Hydco International will feature its Australian-designed Hydco 1200H exploration drill rig at GME.

Described as ideal for WA drilling applications, the Hydco 1200H features powerful RC and coring capabilities.

It can core drill to depths of more than 2000 meters and features a mast structure that produces 21.5 tonnes of pullback to provide contactors with high performance levels.

The rig was developed by the Hydco design team in Perth to build on the success of the company’s Hydco 1000H drill.

Hydco 1000Hs regularly drill to depths between 1000 and 2000 meters and have proven to be strong workhorses.

The large, multi-purpose 1200H offers quick changeovers from air applications to coring, which means high uptime and greater flexibility in drilling requirements.

Key technical elements of the Hydco 1200H include: fully welded mast and deck; truck (8×4 or 8×8) and track mounted; customisation available; 2-speed multipurpose head; Cummins electronic power unit; Rexroth, Kawasaki and Danfoss pumps and valves; and an FMC John Bean water pump.

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