GreaseMax lubricators

GreaseMax lubricators have been supplied to mining (and all other industries) operations around the world for 25 years this year.  German-made GreaseMax lubricators, which internationally have a well-earned reputation for quality, reliability and performance are used on all types of fixed plant including underground applications.

GreaseMax’s design, which has no electrical or mechanical components, provides reliable lubrication outcomes and is an easily usable product with little or no operator training needed.  GreaseMax lubricators can be used on a wide variety of equipment in all conditions.

GreaseMax product features:

  • Provides continuous lubrication at a constant rate, for a set period
  • Works without maintenance or adjustment
  • Has no electrics or mechanical items and is completely reliable
  • At the end of its operating period it is quickly and simply changed over
  • Can be used on moving and vibrating applications, long feed lines and underwater
  • Is self-regulating and the rate of discharge is not affected by bearing condition, seal condition or grease-way resistance
  • Intrinsically safe – OK for underground mines and petrochemical plants

GreaseMax benefits:

  • Better mechanical reliability. Less down-time from bearing failure and therefore lower maintenance costs, better production rates and lower cost of production.
  • Direct cost savings with lower labour requirements.
  • Proven in-service performance
  • Reliability –based on a proven design and many years of in-service use.
  • Safety: there is no temptation to hand-grease moving equipment when GreaseMax is installed.
  • Economical unit cost

Site benefits:

GreaseMax can be set up to allow change-overs without the requirement for plant operations or equipment items to be isolated and shut down.  This provides benefits in 2 areas:

  1. Production improvements as production equipment remains on-line
  2. a reduction in personnel time for the required management process to isolate and re-activate process equipment

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