Flexco unveils urethane skirting update









Flexco has added a new size to its urethane skirting range after the release of its 7.6m rolls of skirting early last year.

The new 15.2m skirting gives customers the option of limiting the number of gaps in skirting along a conveyor belt system.

Effectively, this restricts the amount of dust that enters the atmosphere and causes safety and environmental hazards on-site.

The skirting system also acts as an effective seal at load points without damaging the top cover of conveyor belts.

It can be applied to single direction and reversing belts, old and new belts, vulcanised and mechanically spliced systems and in wet and dry conditions.

The urethane skirting is suitable for temperatures ranging from 30ºC to 82ºC.

Flexco urethane skirting uses a more wear-resistant material than typical rubber, and its superior tear resistance provides three or four times the wear life in similar applications. Its lower coefficient of friction reduces strain on the skirting system.

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